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Classes are based on a proven method which builds confidence and helps to carry yoga principles into our daily lives.


Discover a transformative yoga journey at Thirroul Yoga Shala, where classes grounded in the Ashtanga Yoga method. The classes draw on practices refined over a twenty year period while learning from my dear teacher, Eileen Hall.

This form of yoga, known for its ability to enhance strength and support mobility, offers integration between the body and mind.

The classes are tailored for individuals who lead an active lifestyle and possess some familiarity with yoga, yet they provide an inclusive environment with options for practitioners at all levels.


Each class  begins dynamically with sun salutations to awaken the body and synchronise breath with movement. The practice progresses to standing postures, emphasising principles of alignment, stability, and the natural flow of breath.

With compassion at the core of the approach, Alyson meets each participant where they are, fostering the development of mobility, stability, and confidence. Modifications are welcomed and encouraged, ensuring everyone feels rejuvenated and empowered.

Saturday classes are a 90 min guided led practice through Primary Series. Tuesday's classes are approximately one hour and concludes with a period of rest and seated contemplation. The classes open and close with the invitation to chant AUM, honouring the rich heritage of yogic wisdom from India, though participation is entirely optional.

Start your yoga journey in a space where every class is an opportunity to deepen your  practice, enhance your well-being, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals.


Alyson Johnson 

Registered Senior Teacher and Mentor with Yoga Australia

Alyson grew up in Thirroul and returned home in 2011 to offer community based yoga classes.


Alyson started practicing yoga seriously in 2004, undertook a teacher training apprenticeship with Fiona Pullen between 2006 ~ 2009. She has assisted Eileen Hall at YogaMoves and on retreat in Bali.

Alyson runs curriculum based professional development workshops for yoga teachers-in-training and teachers qualified at 200hr and 500hr level certification.


10.00 - 11.00AM

Moore Street Yoga Room

Gentle Flow based on
Ashtanga Yoga Half Primary Series

$20 casual visit. Tap 'n go available.



The Excelsior Hall,
Thirroul Commu
nity Centre

​Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Led class

$20 casual visit. Tap'n go available.

Term Breaks

Easter 2024


There will be no classes over the Easter long weekend.

Winter Break 2024


There will be no classes between 15th June and 15th July. Four week block.

Spring Break 2024


Dates TBA

Thanks for submiiting!


If you have some yoga experience you will be familiar with many of the postures in the Ashtanga sequence.

If you are totally new to yoga, please arrange with Alyson to come ten mins early for a consultation. Phone or text 0415 763 250.



You’re not the only one, but you’ve come to the right place. A consistent yoga practice will help you develop your flexibility and strength slowly over time. But alignment principles are important, we can help with that.


During pregnancy, we recommend you take pre-natal yoga classes with one of the wonderful local pre-natal yoga teachers in the area. We currently do not offer pre-natal classes.

It is not recommended to practice Ashtanga yoga on the first 3 days of your period. If you do practice, avoid twisting postures and inversions.


Limited mats available to borrow. It's better if you bring your own.


Practicing postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), and meditation are valuable steps in developing any contemplative practice. They help calm us down so we can focus the mind and connect you to the Self.


Ashtanga yoga is an active form and suitable for active people. If you have mobility challenges, it may be better to start with Hatha or Iyengar style yoga.


For new students over 60 yrs and new mothers, please seek medical advice before coming to class.

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Curriculum based mentoring 

A supportive learning environment for yoga teachers continued professional development.

Curriculum based mentoring is supervised professional development for teachers-in-training and 200hr qualified yoga teachers wishing to upgrade their Yoga Australia registration while developing their teaching skills and broadening their knowledge of yoga.

Workshop classes are structured and approved by Yoga Australia to cover topics ranging from the Yoga Sutras, anatomy and physiology for yoga teaching and practicum in the context of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga.

Participants will steadily build on knowledge from each workshop and have the opportunity to join a supportive community committed to ongoing learning.

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