6.30 - 7.30PM

14th July to 18th August 2021

Postponed due to lockdown

The Excelsior Hall,

Thirroul Community Centre

​Cost: $110pp for 6 week course.

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What's involved in learning this method of yoga practice?


Synchronizing a relaxed nasal breathing technique with functional mobility and postural alignment. For a solid introduction to the principles of Ashtanga Yoga join our course.

  1. ​Spinal & pelvic positioning

  2. Horizontal planes - becoming a vertical column

  3. The Trishtana - drishti, bandha, breath

  4. Plank transition – shoulder & elbow awareness

  5. Upward Facing Dog - front opening

  6. Downward Facing Dog - neutrality and equanimity

  7. Suryanamaskar A - flowing with the breath

  8. Suryanamaskar B - moving with grace, engaging the mid-line

  9. Foundation postures will be introduced steadily over 6 weeks 

  10. Finishing sequence – cooling and settling the central nervous system

  11. Padmasana - inward focus, complete circle back to the breath.